How about studying online on the Coursera site? If you take online courses at Cousera, you will automatically be guided by high-quality instructors from the best universities in the world. For this type of course there are 150 of the best educational institutions and universities that you can access.


edX is a site founded by MIT and Harvard in 2012. With the MOOC system, it is possible for many people to access this online course.
The EdX site offers online lectures with several media such as sharing syllabus and videos to support online lectures. More than 1300 courses from various fields such as mathematics, science, to computers that can be followed by students.

MIT Open Source Ware

Who does not want to study at MIT, one of the best campuses in the world today. But you are hindered by the cost and the place is very far? don’t worry. You can enjoy being an MIT student even if you study online. Yep, Open Course Ware is the choice. In Open Course Ware there are more than 2400 types of courses that you can take. It’s like studying at MIT.

Movie Watch Application

The next recommended application that must be installed on an Android smartphone is the Watch movie application


You can download and install it from the Appstore or get the link from this site by Installing it directly